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My name is J.W. Kirby, I worked as management in the retail industry for over 20 years. This opportunity gave me extraordinary insight into human behavior and emotions. Slowly over the years I began to pay off debt and save enough capital to begin investing. Choosing the path to investing was not an easy or random decision. Many years ago I met with a gentleman over the sale of a car. When I arrived at his distinguished home and walked into the doorway I noticed a tiny laptop in the background. My inherent curiousity in computers and software coerced me to ask him what was taking place on the screen. He replied "Forex!", which I had no idea at the time meant the foreign exchange market or currency trading to put it simply. He went on to explain a bit of the intricacies and at the time I did my best to comprehend him. That night I did not leave his home with a car but rather with an unmistakable vision. Fast forward almost 14 years, now I am debt free, using my self taught methods to invest and beginning my investing blog! I am unlike many other investors you will commonly read about on the internet. I do not live lavishly, I still budget money and continue to grow captial to invest. Just like diversifying an investment portfolio, I believe one should do the same with a website, as well as personal income. Media is a huge market for many companies and selling your brand is very important in today's global economic landscape. I have always enjoyed art and design as a hobby and am spinning off my artistic creations into my brand! You can check out my art and designs on Society6 and Zazzle for sale! Feel free to connect with me on the following social media sites and apps Twitter, Instagram, StockTwits and LinkedIn!

The Unconventional Finance and Media Blogsite

My readers are probably wondering why I refer to my blog and media site as unconventionl. The answer is simple. I plan to cover areas of finance, investing, stock trading, forex, crypto investing and more. The difference is I will explain every topic covered with simplicity! I honestly believe the reason most people avoid investing is because of the unnecessary complexities that seem to be woven into modern articles. The byproduct of these complexities is emotional fear. That fear advents itself from the possibility of losing money that is extremely difficult to earn in today's job market. Part of my personal mission is to show potential investors how to overcome that fear. This will be an expansive journey taken by author and reader together. If at any time you have a question click the green contact button below and I will be happy to answer your questions!

Stand firm,
J.W. Kirby

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